Welcome to California District 8

Desolation Wilderness Sierra Nevada

District 8 (formerly District 7 - changed on July 1, 2016) is a part of the Northern California Chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

The District is situated in the most south eastern section of our chapter. It is comprised of four Councils within the Foot Hill, Gold Country, and High Sierra areas of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Each of our Councils is unique in their own personality yet strong in their committment to the high ideals of the Knights of Columbus. Each committed to the goal of charity and brotherhood, all highly dedicated to their faith, church, and community.

Our District Deputy is Steven Moris, assisted by Manuel Salazar his District Warden. Both of these Knights have been members of the Knights of Columbus for many years.

We regret to inform our readership that District Deputy Emeritus, David Rich passed away last November. He will be greatly missed. However, this website will continue with the skills of his lovely wife, Karen.

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Our mission, collectively, is to serve the needs of each of our Councils and work diligently for their success. The honor is always to serve.